Marco Rossati was born at Reggio Emilia (Italy) in 1943. He studied at the “Istituto d’Arte” and at the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Rome with Mino Maccari, Renato Guttuso, Franco Gentilini, Ferdinando Bologna. He later taught at the same Academy. In that time he met  Giorgio De Chirico, whose art fascinated him since he was a child and becomes his pupil for several years.

             After various youthful  iconographic experiences (from surreal paintings, to a sort of metaphysical realism and not few well painted copies of beloved masters of the past, like Domenichino, Titian, Raphael, Leonardo, Philippe de Champaign, Lorraine, Metsis… from which he took, among other things, his technical knowledge), in the “seventies” he is already among the principal exponents of the Italian group “Arte Colta”  that, just beginning from that period and during for all the “eightees”, actively recuperate from interior forms and themes of the art of  ‘500 and ‘600, opening the way to a kind of painting which later had to become fashionable all over the world.

            But at the beginning of “nineties” Rossati strongly feels the nostalgic necessity to get back to his metaphysical, originary inspiration, never parted, however, from a high quality texture of painting. Belong to this long rossiatian period, which arrives practically to our days, paintings like “The lefty fisher of lines”, “Blue Circe”, “Fall”, “Il tritone”, “The boat of the two sisters” and so on.

 Rossati’s works are in the main Italian collections (Bettino Craxi, Silvio Berlusconi, Rocco Barocco, Brian Sewell, Paolo Portoghesi, Claudio Strinati…) and Museums. He has executed paintings and sculptures of large dimensions in public and private buildings (New Municipal Stadium of Trieste, Casino of Sanremo, Palazzo Corrodi of Rome, New Head Office INPDAP of Rome, Carabinieri’s Barraks of Latisana (Udine), Acqui Terme (Asti), Pietrelcina (Benevento), Church of San Nicola in Carcere of Rome, City Hall of Licenza (Rome), University “Roma 3”, Rome…)

He has been a guest in radio and television for intervews and services about his work and about general themes of art. He collaborates as a critic with several newspapers and magazines. He publishes as poet and writer.

He is Director of the “Scuola di Pittura Scienza dell’Arte” of Rome and President of “Unione Artisti”.

He wrote and directed the movies picture for the television “L’Anticroste”.

In 2004 he was awarded with the “Tarquinia-Cardarelli International Prize” 2004 (Art).

He lives and works in Rome.



Rocco Barocco (stylist) – Piero Barucci (minister) – Claudio Benatti (enterpreneur) – Silvio Berlusconi (italian premier) – Pierluigi Bersani (minister) – Bettino Craxi (ex italian premier) – Franco Cuomo (writer) –  Marco Follini (deputy) – Gabriele La Porta (showman) – Antonio Ligresti (entrepreneur) – Otello Lottini (University of Rome) – Mario Lunetta (writer) – Giuseppe Macaluso (senator) – Maurizio Marini (historian of art) – Jeff  Morseburg (art dealer) – Sandro Pelo (University of Rome) – Sandro Pertini (ex president of Italian Republic) – Enzo Pietrini (deputy) – Giuseppe Pisanu (ministro) – Paolo Portoghesi (architect) – Samaritana Rattazzi Agnelli (enterpreneur) – Brian Sewell (historian of art) – Gianpaolo Sodano (ex director TV) – Claudio Strinati (historian of art) …


– 1965     – Galleria   “Spezia 66”                                                         La Spezia

– 1978     – Galleria  “Cortina”                                              Cortina d’Ampezzo

– 1979     – Galleria  “La Margherita”                                                         Roma

-1980      – Galleria   “Spriano”                                                               Omegna

                -Galleria   “Esperienze Culturali”                                                 Bari

              – Galleria   “Carte Segrete”                                                         Roma

– 1982     – Galleria   “Cortina”                                             Cortina d’Ampezzo

– 1983     – Galleria   “Arte Club”                                                             Catania

– 1985     – Galleria   “Rondanini”                                                               Roma

– 1986     – “Festival di Martina Franca”                                      Martina Franca

                – Padiglione   “Grafica dei Greci”, Arte Fiera                        Bologna

-1988       – “Crescent Gallery”                                                                  Dallas

               – Galleria   “Apollodoro”                                                            Roma

-1989     – Palazzo di Città                                                                      Acireale

-1991     – “Tokio Art Expo”    Padiglione “Apollodoro”                           Tokio

               – Galleria    “Apollodoro”                                                            Roma

-1992      – “Expo ‘92”   Palazzo delle Arti    Padiglione Italia                    Siviglia

-1993      – Museo  “Tour Fromage”                                                           Aosta

-1994      – “Teatro di Roma”  Teatro Argentina                                         Roma

-1995      – “Medi Arte”                                                                                 Bari

-1996      – “C.E.R.E.”                                                                   Reggio Emilia

-1997       – “Casino di Sanremo”                                                           Sanremo

-1998       – “San Giorgio Arte”                                                                     Bari

                –  Museo Comunale                                                                   Foggia

-2000       – Hann Galerie                                                                            Zurigo

                – Fiera Arte Contemporanea                                            Reggio Emilia

 -2001     – Morseburg Gallery                                                    Beverly Hills L.A.

 -2007     – Museo Oraziano                                                         Licenza – Roma

  – 2012    – Galleria “Studio S”                                                                  Roma

  – 2013    – ‘Ardel Gallery of Modern Art’                                                  Bangkok 

  – 2014   – ‘Chelsea Town Hall’                                                                  London 

  – 2015 –  “Vernice Art Fair”                                                                          Forlì

  – 2017   – ArtePadova                                                                                Padova   





  • -Museo d’Arte Moderna di Aosta
  • -Museo d’Arte Moderna di Foggia.
  • -Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Gallarate-Milano.
  • -Palazzo di Città – Acireale – Catania.
  • -Convent of “Ara Coeli” – Church in Capitol – Roma.
  • -Church of San Nicola in Carcere – Roma.
  • -Palazzo Corrodi (Piazza del Popolo) – Roma.
  • -Museo Nazionale dell’Arma dei Carabinieri – Roma.
  • -Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea – Reggio Emilia.
  • – Museo Bargellini – Pieve di Cento – Bologna.

 Works in public spaces

  • Monument “Carabiniere di notte”, bronze, h. cm. 300 – Carabinieri’s Barraks of Latisana (Udine),.
  • Monument “Cappelli e stelle”, bronze h. cm. 330 – Carabinieri’s Barraks of Acqui Terme (Asti).
  • Monument “Cimiero su colonna di fantasia”, bronze h. cm. 250 – Carabinieri’s Barraks of Pietrelcina (Benevento).
  • Painting “Dentro e fuori l’occhio”, oil on canvas cm. 80×80 – Casino of Sanremo.
  • Painting “Staffetta femminile”, oil on copper sheets, cm. 600×250 – Municipal Stadium of Trieste,.
  • Painting “Promontorio”, oil on canvas, cm. 700×400 – New Head Office of INPDAP Corporation – Rome.
  • Paintg “Archetipi della geometria”, oil on canvas cm. 350×200 – National Office of Cassa Geometri, Rome,.
  • Painting “Aula consiliare” oil on canvas – cm 260 x 140 – Comune di Licenza –  Licenza (Rome).
  • Dipinto “Allegory of Knowledge” – oil on canvas – cm180x140 – Università degli Studi “Roma Tre” – Direction Office – Rome.
  • Painting “Piazza del Palazzo, Piazza della Cultura” – oil on canvas – cm 320×160 – Council room – Comune di Licenza – Licenza (Rome).



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